Brightness control

Brightness Control:

- smart control of lighting and lighting by software
- Simultaneous use of the smart and traditional system (Simultaneous use of mechanical key, touch, software and ...)
-Ability to control remote brightness by mobile and tablet and ...
- Scenario for smart control :
1- Normal scenario
2- Guest scenario (Celebration)
3- Sleep scenario
4- Exit scenario
5- Travel scenario
6- The Cinema Scenario


One of the features of any smart system، smart control system is lighting and lighting In the smart system isee users can simultaneously use the touch panel and the traditional key and mobile software, as well as scenarios for controlling each use, lighting and lighting..
scenario: First, let's say the scenario, the scenario is the behavior of the system according to the user's taste ،Scenario is the most widely used material in the system. The scenario is defined .
In the smart system isee users can define six scenarios to their liking:
1. Normal scenario :In this scenario, the user defines a limited number of lighting consumers to provide the desired light level to the bright state .
2. celebration scenario :In this scenario, the user activates the consumers' desire for lighting and even the music playback system and uses a splendid party or celebration..
3. Sleep scenario:This scenario is used during rest or sleepingThe definition of this scenario by the user is such that all home lights on the off state and the lights are set to on. .Every time the user of the sleep mode activates his / her own space, all lights will turn off and only the sleep lights will light up..
4. The Cinema Scenario:This scenario is used to watch the movie.The ambient light from the normal state turns into a light light like the cinema's atmosphere . The user can also set up their own home audio system to enjoy watching movies in a home theater.
5. Exit scenario :This scenario is used when traveling out of the country for the purpose of traveling. When leaving home, consumers do not have to stay in standby and The powerlessness of these consumers is effective in saving energy. User layout can activate its security system as consumers turn off .
6. Skill scenario : اThis scenario is activated when traveling outdoors. The difference between this scenario with the exit scenario is that in addition to all the scenarios of the exit scenario, the user can run the simulation of presence. That means, for example, that the chandelier will keep the hall open from 8 o'clock to 12 o'clock and it looks like it looks from the outside. .
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