Consumer control

Consumer Control:

The features of the isee smart system enable the user to control individual home appliances and household appliances. The user can control individual sockets separately.Also control the entire building, watering, parking doors and more.
for example :Suppose the user needs to charge their mobile battery while sleeping And it knows that battery life will be damaged if a lot of mobile phones charge under charging Now, if the charging is connected to a smartphone that is smart, it can be adjusted so that when the charging power is completed, the power outlet is also cut off..
Also in the other example :When leaving your home, you do not need to turn on the power of equipment such as a TV, an audio system, a digital receiver, and so on. And with the choice of the safe exit scenario, equipment is switched off and power consumption is cut off.
And in the last example If the user has forgotten after leaving the home The consumer can pull out the iron from the outlet, which can cause a fire.Now if the smartphone outlet is smartIt can turn off the power outlet with its mobile software and reduce the risk of fire to zero.